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Brandon and I have been married for almost 13 years, have two beautiful children, soon to be three! We are adopting from Ethiopia and couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

This summer has been the summer of weddings, I tell you! Nolan was in 3 and Madelyn was in 2. Here are the pics. Madelyn and Nolan were both in our nephew Tyler's wedding on July 25th.

They were also both in our niece Amber's wedding on August 29th.

And finally, Nolan was in my brother Doug's wedding on September 13th.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First day of school 2009

Wow! The first day of Kindergarten for Nolan and the first day of First Grade for Madelyn. The day started out pretty well and went off without a hitch. Madelyn did fairly well...a few tears at the beginning but had a great rest of her day. Nolan was VERY excited to ride the school bus and to be at school. He is doing awesome - loves school and can't wait to go back every day. Madelyn is having a tougher time. She is still crying before school and again at lunch. Change is hard! :(

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