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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go, Dog. Go!

Working part time has many perks. While I sometimes wish I could quit completely and be a full time stay at home mom I do enjoy my work and the adult time I get, along with getting out of the house and earning a small (very small) income. Plus, I have a nice flexible schedule that allows me to do things with the kids at school, such a field trips and getting to volunteer in their classrooms once/week.

Yesterday I went with Madelyn's class as a chaperone on a field trip to the Seattle Children's Theatre and saw their production of Go, Dog. Go! What a great show! They took a 5 minute book to and turned it into an hour and 30 minute musical. The kids absolutely loved it and I have to say that I was giggling at quite a few parts myself. Nolan's class went as well since all of the 1st grade classes were going but because Madelyn is in a 1st/2nd split her class got to go too. Nolan sat with Madelyn and I during the first half and at intermission went back with his friends and sat with them during the second half.

Anyone that knows me well knows that anything having to do with cars and hitting curbs, or running over something, going too fast and getting mild whiplash when you slam on the brakes....that stuff makes me laugh really hard so the scene in the play where they were driving to the dog party...let's just say it was my favorite part. Brandon asked the kids separately about the play, "How was it?!" They both answered the same, "It was really funny."


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