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Friday, July 17, 2009

Late postings...and camping

What is absolutely ridiculous is that I have not posted on this thing in quite some time! Sigh.... I need to get better. Maybe that should have been one of my New Year's resolutions. Ah well...better late than never, right?

We have been having a great summer so far!! It has been very busy, which is different than last year for us but we're having a ton of fun. We have gone on 3, count them! 3! camping trips, which is saying a lot because Mama Jones doesn't camp. So thanks to my wonderful grandparents we have a trailer, which doesn't really mean "camping". It's RVing, according to Brandon. I like to RV, I don't like to camp. They gave us their trailer in May and we took our first camping trip to Banks Lake Memorial Day weekend. What a blast!! Everyone had a great time. Here are pictures from our Banks Lake trip....


Our next camping trip was to Athol, Idaho to go to Silverwood Theme Park! What an absolute blast! We traveled with our good friends, Greg and Alicia, and their girls, Annika and Ava. It was kind of a comedy of errors.

When we arrived at the campground at 4:30pm we were surprised to find someone in our camp spot. Brandon went back to the office and they said the people were supposed to have checked out at 10am that morning....grrrrreat.....sounds like the people went back to the park for another day of fun. The park closed at 7pm. 7:30 rolls around and we're eating dinner (thankfully we were able to cook dinner in the Erickson's RV) and who strolls up? The people in our campspot. They looked at us and we looked at them and Brandon said, "The office was expecting you guys out at 10 this morning." They said, "That's funny because we just checked in today at noon." Hmm....good one, office! That finally got straightened out and the other people moved and we were able to get set up, kind of. Being as though it was getting to be dark and we still hadn't set up camp Brandon was doing things in a bit of a rush and as this was only our second camping trip we still didn't have everything down pat.

When we inherited the trailer the shower did not work. Brandon had gone to Poulsbo RV and gotten a new hose/faucet thing to fix it. It didn't fit. He also did not put the old one back so when the water got hooked up to the trailer water was spraying out of the nozzles in the shower, and I mean, water was EVERYWHERE! Greg, Alicia, and I are in the trailer when this happens and Brandon runs in to find out what the noise is. Yikes. He hadn't put the chalks under the tires yet and the whole front end fell off the blocks and dug into the ground (how I wish I had gotten a picture of this!). Greg and Brandon had to get a jack from Alicia's car, jack up the trailer and somehow fix it. They ended up jerry-rigging it some way. Yay guys!

Back to the shower.....without the nozzle on the shower we can't turn on water to the trailer.....that means no shower/bath, no brushing teeth, no washing dishes. Again, at least we can do these things in the Erickson's trailer! Brandon goes to the office to see if they have something that he can buy to fix the shower. No, they don't, but they do have a remote RV guy that does repairs. I'm thinking, Cha-ching! (and not in a good way). Brandon calls him and says, "Bob, I'm at your mercy." Bob says, "You're not the first." Bob can't come out until the following day (at some point) and we're going to the park so we leave the trailer unlocked the next morning at head for the rides.

The weather on Friday (our first day at the park) left MUCH to be desired. It was pouring down rain, drizzling, rides were cold and wet....but we were all troopers and the kids did awesome! We arrived back at camp around 5pm, just as Bob was leaving. He fixed the shower no problemo! The best part? It was only about a $200 fix....thanks Bob!! :)

Notice the ponchos and hoods.... rain, rain, and more rain!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much without incident...the weather on Saturday was great for the water park. On our way home, however, one more little thing....Erickson's ran out of gas! Shoot! We went up ahead, got a gas can and the Erickson's made it home. We all had a great time and can't wait to go back next year. Here are pics from this camping trip:

Greg filling up.....

Addis Ababa